Superintendent Search Process Update

Superintendent Search facilitated by Harry Heiligenthal, Iowa Association of School Boards

On Monday, January 28, the Board conducted a work session to discuss and plan the search process, facilitated by Harry Heiligenthal, Iowa Association of School Boards. We understand the impact the superintendent search process has on the overall future of the school district for students, staff and the community and want to make sure we are diligent in our work and transparency. A summary of the work session and all future work sessions will be posted on the district website.

Key considerations as the board and district move forward with the superintendent search and priorities/goals:

  • Following through on board’s commitment to rebuilding trust and confidence in the board’s leadership and the direction of the district will be central to the success of the Waukee CSD.
  • Designating time at board work sessions and meetings to identify key, common messages about the most important actions taken by the board or topics under consideration for future decision making provides an opportunity to highlight the board’s work.
  • Focusing on the board-identified draft district priorities will also be an essential part of the superintendent search process and ensuring district success. Subsequent board conversations with the administrative team, along with inviting/engaging input and reaction from staff and the community regarding priorities will be vital. A key task of the board is emphasizing the district’s priorities and ensuring the superintendent search process results in identifying candidates who have the skills to lead the district toward achieving the priorities.
  • Ensuring as much of the superintendent search process as possible is conducted in the view of the public.
  • Moving forward, it will be important for the board and superintendent to establish a process to regularly hear and discuss progress reports regarding district priorities/goals, facilities, and changes recommended in the audit.
  • Continued board learning is critical to every board’s leadership. IASB staff is willing to support future learning and development needs.

Discussion items:

District Priorities

These long-term priorities (over at least the next 2-4 years) were generated by the board and administrative team members at two separate times. The board saw the administration’s input for the first time after the board identified areas during the January 28 board work session.

These are compiled notes provided by the IASB work session facilitator following the board work session. Moving forward, the board and district are welcome and encouraged to reorganize and refine these priorities as they desire.

Advantages and Disadvantages of both of the following:

  • Hiring a permanent superintendent
  • Hiring an interim superintendent

We will continue to post updates about the Superintendent Search Process on our website.