Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year!

Happy fall, folks! Needless to say, the past 6 months have been trying and frustrating at times. We appreciate your continued flexibility and patience as we all navigate new and different hurdles. 

In our Community Education department, we continue to serve our district students, families, and community. We are planning to host child care, after school enrichment, facility rentals, and our silver cord program this fall. Our work serving you does not stop. It may just look a little different. We will continue to modify our programs to ensure safety for all involved. 

Our fall learning opportunities serve as a fun and educational escape for students. Whether your student is participating in online or in-person school day learning, our enrichment classes are open for all students. We also have strived to build flexible enrichment classes so that we can adjust to in-person or online, depending on the current environment.

We have a number of NEW and FUN learning opportunities for students this fall, in-

Including: Baking Basics – Yeast Breads; Bath Bomb Chemistry STEM Night In; Beginner Coding; Easy Pie Pockets; Graphic Design; Guitar; Inventors & Inventions; Jazz Piano Lessons; Magic; Preparing for the Rising Cost of College; Shibashi Tai Chi/Qigong; Solar System STEM Night In; Sports Analytics; Super Sleuths; Trombone Lessons; and Web Development.

As always, please feel free to contact me. I welcome your feedback on how we can continue to grow Waukee Community Education and better serve our students, families, and community members. 

Jeff Longman

Director of Community Education