Welcome to Spring!

At the time of writing this note, it is cold and snowy outside. By the time this note is in your hands, I hope it is a much warmer and sunnier spring day! As we look forward to an upcoming summer, I encourage you to keep your student engaged in learning. Avoiding the “summer brain drain” is something that we stress each year. It is likely even more important this summer, given the past school year and the learning hurdles that students have faced.

Our summer camps are a mix of in-person and online learning opportunities. Many of our in-person opportunities are flexible and able to move online if needed. Whether your student attended the past school year online or in-person, our summer camps are open for all students.

We have a number of new and fun learning opportunities for students this summer including Anchor Kids, Whimsical Art Class, Band Boot Camp, Ready, Set…Multiply!, Start Smart with Study Skills, Sum Fun! Addition & Subtraction, Now Presenting Camp, Yes And…Exploring Improv Camp, Private Instrument Lessons, and Application Design.

As always, please feel free to contact me. I welcome your feedback on how we can continue to grow Waukee Community Education and better serve our students, families, and community members.

Jeff Longman
Director of Community Education