All students have a Waukee Schools email address that is Your username for the silver cord website is lastname1234. Your password is the same as the one affiliated with the Waukee Schools email address.

You have 30 days from the date of volunteer service to add your hours. (There is a grace period during the first semester as we transition to our new website.) Please note that your organization must be in the list under View Organizations before you can add your hours. If it is not, you will need to submit the organization for approval prior to the 30-day deadline. Organization approval can take up to 10 business days. Students must plan ahead to assure that their hours can be added before the deadline. It is best to add an organization prior to volunteer service.

Your total silver cord hours are listed on your Dashboard. This includes all approved hours from PowerSchool, NobleHour and the silver cord website.

Contact the Silver Cord Program Supervisor at It is likely you have hours in NobleHour that have not been fully submitted. It’s also possible there was an error when transferring your hours to the silver cord website.

Our program normally requires students to volunteer 175 hours to earn their silver cord. An exception has been made for the Class of 2021, who needs to earn 165 hours due to a delayed start date. Exceptions are also made for certain transfer students. These exceptions are not displayed on the silver cord website. Contact the Silver Cord Program Supervisor at if you have questions about your silver cord requirement.

You should add your hours with the organization that can verify your volunteer service. This is not necessarily the same as the location where you volunteered. For example, if you play basketball, and your coach arranges for your team to volunteer at an elementary school, you would add your hours with your basketball team. Your coach will then receive an email asking for verification of your silver cord hours. In this instance, if you choose to submit your hours directly to the elementary school, they may not be able to verify your service. You can click on any group in View Organizations to see the contact(s); that is who will receive an email to verify your hours. Contact the Silver Cord Program Supervisor if you are unsure and need assistance!

No. Hours that have already been added in NobleHour will be approved in that website, and the hours will then be transferred to the silver cord website by the Silver Cord Program Supervisor.

PowerSchool was used to track silver cord hours until 2016. Hours earned during the 2016-17 academic year and later are not shown in PowerSchool. Only students in the Class of 2019 may show silver cord hours in PowerSchool, and that will only be hours earned during their 9th-grade year. Use the silver cord website for an accurate total of silver cord hours.

All students are required to use their Waukee Schools email address for the Silver Cord Program. Notifications about approved/denied hours and organizations will be sent to this email address.

You must use the password paired with your email address.

Please contact Sarah Paulsen, Silver Cord Program Supervisor

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30-11:30 am (High School Principal’s Office)