Anne Frank Exhibit Guide


Refugee Alliance of Central Iowa is hosting an exhibit from the Anne Frank House called “Let Me Be Myself” that will run at the Franklin Avenue Library from June 12-30. This exhibit includes a series of panels that trained guides lead small group tours through to learn more about Anne, her family, and why their story is still so relevant today. Read more about the Let Me Be Myself exhibit here.

One of the most empowering parts of this exhibit is that the tours are led by high school- and college-aged guides. It is an incredible leadership opportunity that includes a two-day professional training on June 9th and 10th. Students are then able to sign up to lead tours as they are available.  They can also sign up in pairs or small groups.

Please email Stephanie Moris at or call 515-344-1209 to sign up for this amazing chance to participate in a project that makes a lasting impression!