Drew's Crew Book Distribution


Drew’s Crew needs volunteers to help distribute books to kids this summer. Our mission is to facilitate access to enrichment activities for local youth in need. The vision is to bridge the activity gap: the gap between the youth from different socioeconomic backgrounds that prevents all kids from having access to the same activities.

We are still working out the details, but here’s what we do know:
– Books will be distributed at Grab-n-Go locations through June. If we have enough volunteers, we may offer to hand out books to drive up cars. Otherwise, we will just deliver to the lunch sites and they can distribute with the meals.
– After June, we may be distributing books via sit down meals. This will be a different method and dependent on current social distancing recommendations.
– Opportunities also include sorting books by age group and picking up book donations
– The schools serve approximately 1000 kids each week
– All volunteers will be expected to follow appropriate social distancing protocols. This may include wearing face masks and using hand sanitizer (sanitizer will be provided). Protocols may change after June.

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