Preschool Summer Projects


We are looking for a few volunteers to assist with a variety of projects in our preschool. These tasks can easily be done while adhering to the precautionary guidelines for social distancing. We are flexible on days/time and the amount of hours volunteered. Responsibilities will include:

1. Take inventory of children’s books
2. Enter books into computer data base (book title, author and topic)
3. Take inventory of preschool toys, games and other materials and supplies
4. Enter preschool materials into computer data base
5. Prepare bulletin boards; hang posters & other classroom decorations
6. Assemble books for teachers
7. Assist with teacher prep work: cutting, tracing, coloring, etc.
8. Make photocopies
9. Filing
10. Stuffing envelopes for school mailing

If interested, please contact Diane Hensley at or (515) 979-5627.