Sensory Friendly Discovery Party - Air Play


Discovery Parties take place in the hour prior to a public performance in the Civic Center lobbies and are intended to provide young audiences and their families with interactive experiences that are culturally and/or thematically tied to the performance they will attend. Guests will be invited to explore, learn and create. Each Discovery Party is unique to the performance it precedes.

Sensory-friendly performances are geared towards those on the autism spectrum, individuals with other sensory sensitivities and their families. These dedicated performances will contain all the joy of a typical theater setting with a few adjustments to help those in attendance feel more comfortable. This will include alterations to light and sound, a variety of seating options, an environment that will encourage movement and breaks when needed, ASL interpretation, and inclusive staff that will welcome guests from the moment they arrive. Families who do not require these accommodations are still welcome to attend.

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