Waukee Volunteer Tutor Program


The Waukee Silver Cord Program is looking for volunteers to provide general tutoring to other students in the Waukee Community School District. This new program is currently limited to Waukee High School, but students interested in helping at other schools can also complete an application, as the program may expand in the future. Students must read our Volunteer Tutoring Guidelines prior to completing an application.

Applicants will be compiled into a list of potential tutors. Those whose qualifications match with a student needing assistance will be contacted to discuss scheduling.

Volunteer Tutoring Guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1beeu6F0eX7V2faft_N7as7V4DYopc-vEswnilpzjFRk/edit?usp=sharing

Application: https://forms.gle/89a8p2sbusT7nbZ28

Students who feel they are in need of tutoring should contact their counselor.